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The Canadian Sleep Society Sleep Medicine Provider Map assists members of the public and health care professionals with finding local treatment providers. Five different categories of treatment providers can be found via the Provider Map, and the following article provides an overview of each.

If you are a treatment provider, you can request to have your listing added to our Provider Map when you sign up for membership. Your map listing can be updated at any time by logging in to your account.

Note that all applications for map listing will be reviewed by the CSS and approval is at the discretion of the CSS.  Below are the guidelines for the qualifications that are expected for each category.


Individual Providers

Sleep Physicians

Sleep Physicians are trained in sleep medicine and can provide services on a variety of sleep disorders. To be listed on the Provider Map, physicians are required to be licensed and in good standing with their Provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons to practice medicine. They are also expected have acceptable training and credentials in Sleep Medicine. This includes:

  • Diploma of the American Board of Sleep Medicine
  • European Sleep Research Society Somnologist
  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Sleep Medicine Diploma
  • American Board of Medical Specialties, Certified in Sleep Medicine


Clinical Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists are mental health professionals who are trained to assess, diagnose and treat problems in thinking, feeling and behavior. They use a variety of treatments or psychotherapies; they do not prescribe medication. Some clinical psychologists have training in behavioural sleep medicine. Such psychologists have special expertise in the non-pharmacologic treatment of insomnia.

Insomnia in Adults

Currently, for adults the most effective treatment is “cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia” (CBT-I). CBT-I is a specific set of techniques. It involves learning some new sleep-related techniques, like how to schedule your sleep period to obtain solid sleep, what to do when you can’t sleep, and how to deal with worries and racing thoughts. Clinical psychologists on this list have been trained in CBT-I and can explain it and support you while you use the techniques to improve your sleep. It usually takes 4-8 sessions before you are sleeping well and confident in your ability to maintain good sleep.

Insomnia in Children and Adolescents

For children, behavioural approaches are commonly used that are based on principles of learning. These approaches often rely on parent training so that the parents can then facilitate changes in the child’s sleep behaviour. Examples of behavioural interventions include establishing routines, developing positive sleep-related associations and improving healthy sleep practices. For adolescents, both behavioural approaches and CBT-I are used to treat insomnia.Clinical psychologists on this list who work with children and/or adolescents are trained to provide this type of help.

To be listed on the Provider Map, a Clinical Psychologist must be fully licensed for autonomous practice and have documentation of acceptable training and are expected to have credentials in Sleep Medicine. This includes one of:

  • European Sleep Research Society Somnologist designation
  • Graduate work in behavioural sleep medicine
  • Clinical training and experience in providing evidence-based sleep treatments including CBT-I


Oral Appliance Therapy Providers

The following criteria are required as consideration for listing on the CSS Provider Map as Oral Appliance Therapy Providers:

  • Current license to practice dentistry from a Canadian province.
  • Documentation to indicate training in dental sleep medicine from a University, non-profit, non-commercially connected organization (examples would be completion of a University Mini Residency, a graduate program (Msc or PhD) focused on DSM, AADSM diploma status or AADSM qualified dentist status).  You will be asked to provide this documentation after your make your application to be listed on the map.


Sleep Educators

Sleep Educators are healthcare providers and educators who work directly with sleep medicine patients, families, and practitioners to coordinate and manage patient care, improve outcomes, educate patients and the community, and advocate for the importance of good sleep.  Sleep Educators are expected to hold Certification in Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH) or equivalent, which includes:

  • Clinical Experience - At least 1000 hours of experience in clinical sleep health AND a bachelor’s degree or above.
  • Healthcare Credential - (ie. RPSGT, RN) Approved healthcare credential, working in the Sleep field AND an associate’s degree or above.

 Certified Sleep Educators are eligible to be listed on the Provider Map.


Sleep Clinics

Sleep Clinics are specialized medical centers that typically treat sleep apnea, but have a variety of health care professionals an may treat all sleep disorders. To be listed on the Provider Map, the sleep clinic is required to have a Medical Director with formal credentials in Sleep Medicine and provincial accreditation by Provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons, or Hospital Accreditation. Patients must also be seen by a Physician.

Level I Sleep Clinics

These clinics perform overnight sleep studies in a sleep lab or hospital. During sleep, polysomnography is used to measure brain activity, heartrate, breathing, eye movements, limb movements and oxygen in your blood to help diagnose sleep disorders.

Level II/III Sleep Clinics

These clinics will use polysomnography that is conducted in your home. The device provided records your oxygen levels, heart rate, airflow, snoring and other parameters while you are asleep. Typically, a level II/II study is used to help diagnose sleep apnea.


Disclaimer: Inclusion in this list does not signify endorsement by the Canadian Sleep Society. This list may not be copied in whole or in part without the specific, written consent of the Canadian Sleep Society.