Overview. A major initiative of the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network (CSCN) is to stimulate the career of Canadian trainees engaged in sleep and rhythms research.  One of these initiatives is the Outstanding Science Award (OSA).  The major goal of the OSA is to provide research funding so that postdoctoral fellows and PhD students – conducting basic science research – can continue to advance their research careers. Each year, the CSCN will therefore be providing 2 research fellowships of $15,000. One fellowship will be awarded to an outstanding postdoctoral fellow and the second one to an outstanding doctoral student.  Awards are only available to full-time trainees conducting research at an accredited Canadian university. Stipends are for supporting/supplementing a trainee’s salary.

Application Process:  Interested trainees should submit the following information as a single PDF file to Dominique Petit (dominique.petit.1@umontreal.ca) by February 1st 2017.  All applications will be peer-reviewed by members of the CSCN Training Committee and/or Executive Committee.

Required Documents:

1)    The applicant’s CCV (Canadian Common CV format)
2)    A letter from the applicant’s immediate supervisor explaining the need for funding.
3)    A 1-page outline describing the need for funding.
4)    A 1-page document outlining current and future research plans and how OSA funds will benefit their long-term career goals.