Overview. A major initiative of the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network (CSCN) is to stimulate the career of Canadian trainees engaged in sleep and rhythms research.  One of these initiatives is the Multi-site Mentorship Program (MMP).  The major goal of the MMP is to bring new people, ideas and technology together and build capacity in sleep and rhythms research across Canada. The CSCN is therefore providing five awards ($2000/trainee) so that trainees can spend time working at different Canadian training locations. Trainees should select training environments/locations (e.g., universities, colleges, hospitals, clinics or industry) that complement their ongoing research activities. Trainees are encouraged to engage in research activities within Canada, but special consideration may be given if they choose to engage in accredited international institutions. Stipends are for supporting travel, housing and general living costs during the tenure of their engagement.  Funds should not be used to support currently funded research collaborations. Trainees should spend a minimum of 1-2 weeks engaged in the partnering laboratory.

Application Process:  Interested trainees should submit the following information as single PDF file to Dominique Petit (dominique.petit.1@umontreal.ca) by February 1st 2017.  All applications will be peer-reviewed by members of the CSCN Training Committee or the CSCN Executive Committee.

Required Documents:

1)    The applicant’s CCV (Canadian Common CV format).
2)    A letter from the applicant’s immediate supervisor explaining the need for funding and how funds will engage in a fruitful and productive collaboration.
3)    A 1-page document outlining current and future research plans and how MMP funds will benefit their short- and long-term career goals.