CEC credits are available to experienced Sleep Technologists who are interested in participating in a sleep spindle scoring activity and to learn about the latest research in sleep spindles.

The activity will be done using the MODA web interface, and can be done from anywhere on a laptop or computer using your internet browser. To find out more information and to sign up, go to:


For Canadian & Quebec RPSGT’s – you will be eligible to receive up to 2 CEC credits for the activity (1 CEC per scoring hour).  The activity will provide you with the following learning objectives:

• Recall basic characteristics of sleep spindles as defined by AASM.
• Review factors that influence spindle frequency and appearance.
• Refine your abilities to identify sleep spindles from a diversity of subjects (different ages, gender, medications, etc) and from different parts of the night.
• Receive an evaluation of your scoring relative to other anonymous sleep technologists.

You will also learn about current research findings on spindles and their involvement in learning/memory and disease.  The scored spindles will also be used to build a high-quality library of spindles for research, so that we can better understand the biology of spindles, how they may be involved in learning, health and disease. The dataset that is produced will be freely available.