Several CSS executive board positions (member-at-large) are open for nomination, including:  1) Website, 2) Media and 3) Membership.

You may nominate yourself or a colleague – providing the nominee agrees to be nominated.

These are the generic duties of all members of the executive board of the CSS:

  1. Attend CSS executive meetings (twice a year) and the AGM. In the event that you cannot attend a meeting, you are required to submit a written report.
  2. Request items for “Vigilance” via e-mail requests to the executive. Collate the articles and format for publishing on the website.
  3. Represent the CSS at meetings such as funding agencies e.g. CIHR, or events hosted by other societies, if required.
  4. Contribute to educational activities, for example the scientific conference or CME events.
  5. Assist in obtaining sponsorship or exhibitors for educational activities of the CSS.
  6. Liaise with our office about updates to the website and any notice to be sent out via e-mail

Note: The CSS will pay for expenses incurred to attend the second meeting, including one or two nights at the hotel and travel expenses, but does not cover expenses associated with attending the AGM (which is at APSS bi-annually, and at the CSS meeting alternate years). Members pay for their own travel costs and submit a claim form with original receipts to the CSS office. 

Responsibilities in each of the portfolios include:


  1. Manage clinic listing and membership requests
  2. Oversee website maintenance and updates
  3. Coordinate web-related activities of other board members
  4. Oversee maintenance of CSS-related “sister sites” e.g., wikipedia, linked in, facebook, twitter, google account. Note: some of these are under portfolio of student representative.
  5. Manage executive member email accounts 
  6. Send email communications to members and lists; maintain membership database on website
  7. Liaise with PCO re: website at conference time (e.g., linking to PCO site)
  8. Facilitating translation of static pages on website
  9. Posting brochures, news items, and publications as requested by other board members
  10. Keeping sleep links active and searching for new sleep material to post


  1. Report on numbers of members at meetings of the executive and AGM of the CSS/SCS. Liaise with our office about updates and the on-line membership renewals.
  2. Membership drives. Coordinate ideas of the board members to increase membership.
  3. Preparing written information about the benefits of membership to go along with the notice about membership renewals. Membership renewal notices are sent out by our office via e-mail.


  1. Responding to media requests that will usually be triaged via the website through our administrative office 
  2. Contact with public upon request
  3. Liaising with authors to maintain/update CSS public education brochures that are posted on the website,
  4. Other Knowledge Translation initiatives.
  5. Updating periodically the ‘Ask The Expert’ list of CSS members who are willing to respond to media requests