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The University of Toronto is a well known leader in respirology continuing education and has assembled an outstanding program for the 11th Annual Day in Respirology. This year’s program will focus on sleep medicine. Highlights include: Circadian Rhythm Disorders, ASV in Central Sleep Apnea and OSA: Future directions in diagnosis and management.

Respirologists, Sleep specialists, ENT surgeons, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Dentists, and allied health professionals from across Southern Ontario will benefit from attending this one day conference. Please visit http://www.cpd.utoronto.ca/respirology for more details and to register.

The Canadian Sleep Society is embarking upon a new awareness and fundraising campaign to make Canadians wake up to importance of healthy sleep. Come walk 5 km with us on August 20th and talk about the importance of sleep and activity for a healthy life style. We are walking in Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, and Niagara. Registration is only $10 and it is free for kids under 12!

Sign up or donate here: http://canadiansleepwalk.ca

Your participation or donation will help us to grow important national programs dedicated to education and public advocacy in sleep research and sleep disorders medicine. If you join us, don't forget to wear PJs or come dressed as your favourite dream character!

     In partnership with Dairy Farmers of Canada and ParticipACTION.


La Société canadienne du sommeil met sur pied une nouvelle campagne/levée de fonds et de promotion pour éveiller les canadiens à l’importance d’un sommeil sain. Venez marcher avec nous (5 km) le 20 août 2016 et discuter de l’importance du sommeil et de l’activité physique pour un style de vie sain. Nous marchons à Halifax, Québec, Montréal et Niagara. L'inscription est de seulement 10$ et c’est gratuit pour les enfants de moins de 12 ans!

Inscrivez-vous ou offrez vos dons à cette adresse : http://canadiansleepwalk.ca

Un onglet français est présent à gauche de la page. Votre participation ou don nous aidera à développer des programmes nationaux destinés à l’éducation et la sensibilisation publique de la recherche sur le sommeil et la médecine des troubles du sommeil. Si vous vous joignez à nous pour la marche, n’oubliez pas de porter vos pyjamas ou venez habillés (ou déguisés) selon votre personnage de rêve favori !

     En partenariat avec Dairy Farmers of Canada et ParticipACTION.

The CSS is pleased to announce the results of the recent election for a board position, member-at-large (media) and welcomes Dr. Reut Gruber to the board.

Dr. Gruber is a Professor on the faculty of medicine at McGill University, and the director of the Attention, Behavior and Sleep Laboratory at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute. She has extensive experience in translating scientific evidence to lay audience and in active communication with media. Her goal in this 3-year position is to increase societal awareness on the impact of sleep and sleep problems on the physical and mental health of Canadians.

The Canadian Sleep Society (CSS) is now inviting proposals for scientific symposia for our next conference to be held in Calgary, Canada from April 28 to 30 2017.

 Deadline: for full consideration, please submit proposals by September 30, 2016.

 Proposals should include:

  1. Name of proposer and Chair:
  2. A short but descriptive title
  3. A brief description of the purpose and nature of the symposium and its relevance to the field (<200 words)
  4. A summary of background, rationale and aims of your symposium (<1 page)
  5. A succinct list of learning objectives 
  6. The list of proposed speakers, their institutions or affiliations, and their presentation titles
  7. The primary target audience

Symposia will be 120 minutes in length and must include at least 3 speakers and a maximum of 4. Each speaker would present for 20 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for Q&A.

The society is particularly interested in symposia whose topics do not overlap with those from previous meetings (see CSS website for past symposia), that introduce new ideas or synthesize important concepts or those that are particularly good examples of the analysis of empirical data. Proposals that bridge clinical and basic science are encouraged. Participation from young investigators is also encouraged

Please note that the CSS does not provide honoraria, reimbursements for speaker/chair travel, hotel fees or conference registration.

Proposals will be evaluated by the CSS Scientific Program Committee and the proposer will be notified of the status of their proposals by October 31st, 2016.

To submit your Symposium for consideration, go to the event website page Call for symposia, complete the form and submit online.  Please note that all fields in the submission form are required to complete your submission so we are able to evaluate it with all the necessary information included.  The system will send a confirmation receipt of submitted proposals, please inquire if you do not receive e-mail confirmation.

The Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine and Allina Health will be co-sponsoring the SBSM annual advanced behavioral sleep medicine course in Minneapolis on September 17-18, 2016.  This course – which brings national and regional experts together - is designed for sleep medicine providers, technologists, and those in primary care, pediatric  and mental health settings who treat insomnia and other sleep problems.  The course content will address specialty topics in patients where behavioral treatment and strategies are preferred or can be an important adjuvant treatment.  This course uses a case-based approach and builds upon previous courses offered by the SBSM.

The course offers 12 CE credits for physicians, psychologists, nurses, and sleep technologists.  The cost for the 1.5 day course is $195.00.

Caring for Patients with Complex Sleep Problems:
Advanced Topics in Behavioral Sleep Medicine
September 17-18, 2016
Allina Commons at the Midtown Exchange
Pettingill Hall | 2925 Chicago Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Registration deadline: September 15
Deadline to reserve hotel rooms at discounted rate: September 16
Cancellation deadline: September 15

View more information and registration.

Educational opportunity - CME Day:  "Sleep EEG Neurology"
Presented by: Queen's University and Kingston General Hospital in partnership with CSS
Date: Saturday 29 October 2016 from 08:45 to 15:45 (CME/CEC 6.0 hours) View the program and register.

Venue: Donald Gordon Centre, 421 Union St., Kingston, ON 

Description: Electroencephalography (EEG) provides a window on the brain and is an interface between neurology and sleep medicine. EEG is used to investigate epilepsy and other disorders that influence brain activity including neurodegenerative disorders, dementias, certain psychoses, and sleep disorders such as narcolepsy. The goal of this CME is to provide a participant-centered and case-based learning program to review neurological and sleep disorders where unusual behaviours are a key presenting symptom.

1.    Outline clinical considerations and diagnostic procedures in the diagnosis of parasomnia disorder, sleep-related movement disorders and narcolepsy.
2.    Describe how sleep-related paroxysmal events of epileptic origin may be differentiated from those of non-epileptic origin.
3.    Using the example of REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) and Parkinson's Disease, the use of polysomnography as an early marker of neurodegeneration will be discussed.
4.    Review case studies with unusual behaviours identified during EEG or polysomnography (PSG).
5.    Discuss the use, and usefulness, of novel off-the-shelf technology for assessing sleep.

View the website or brochure.

8th Conference of the Canadian Sleep Society
April 28-30, 2017
Hyatt Regency in Calgary, Alberta

We are looking forward to hosting sleep professionals in beautiful and vibrant downtown Calgary!

The biennial conference of the CSS is renowned for a high quality scientific program including top notch keynote speakers, symposia, and poster presentations. There will be industry exhibits to showcase the latest products, services and expertise. And as always, there will be numerous opportunities to learn from experts and network with peers. More information will be posted as the scientific program develops so visit the site regularly to find out what all the excitement is about.

For more information, visit our conference website, where you will find a list of keynote speakers and industry exhibitors (we’re almost booked up!).

Please note the deadlines this fall for symposium (September 30th 2016) and abstracts (November 15, 2016.).

See you in Calgary April 28-30, 2017!

1) There are THREE open positions on the CSS executive board (members-at-large) for: 1) Website, 2) Media and 3) Membership. Nominations will remain open until June 13, 2016 at the CSS AGM.  More details about the positions can be found at the CSS website. Send nominations (for yourself or others) to Dr. Shelly Weiss at Cette adresse courriel est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.  

 2) The CSS AGM will be held from 6:30-8:00pm on Monday June 13th, 2016 at the Denver Athletic Club (https://www.denverathleticclub.cc/) in the Grand Ballroom. The AGM will be preceded by a 1-hr cocktail from 5:30-6:30pm in the room and followed by a social event from 8:00pm till 9:30pm with drinks and appetizers. You can download or print the pdf flyer for details..

 3) Not a CSS member? Well, then you cannot be on the Executive board or attend the AGM! Not sure if you renewed CSS membership? Check your membership status or renew online. Please note: our website is currently undergoing necessary updates, and so it may not be functional at all times. We recommend you check back to the website periodically or just come to the AGM to renew in person.

Several CSS executive board positions (member-at-large) are open for nomination, including:  1) Website, 2) Media and 3) Membership.

You may nominate yourself or a colleague - providing the nominee agrees to be nominated.

These are the generic duties of all members of the executive board of the CSS:

  1. Attend CSS executive meetings (twice a year) and the AGM. In the event that you cannot attend a meeting, you are required to submit a written report.
  2. Request items for “Vigilance” via e-mail requests to the executive. Collate the articles and format for publishing on the website.
  3. Represent the CSS at meetings such as funding agencies e.g. CIHR, or events hosted by other societies, if required.
  4. Contribute to educational activities, for example the scientific conference or CME events.
  5. Assist in obtaining sponsorship or exhibitors for educational activities of the CSS.
  6. Liaise with our office about updates to the website and any notice to be sent out via e-mail

Note: The CSS will pay for expenses incurred to attend the second meeting, including one or two nights at the hotel and travel expenses, but does not cover expenses associated with attending the AGM (which is at APSS bi-annually, and at the CSS meeting alternate years). Members pay for their own travel costs and submit a claim form with original receipts to the CSS office. 

Responsibilities in each of the portfolios include:


  1. Manage clinic listing and membership requests
  2. Oversee website maintenance and updates
  3. Coordinate web-related activities of other board members
  4. Oversee maintenance of CSS-related “sister sites” e.g., wikipedia, linked in, facebook, twitter, google account. Note: some of these are under portfolio of student representative.
  5. Manage executive member email accounts 
  6. Send email communications to members and lists; maintain membership database on website
  7. Liaise with PCO re: website at conference time (e.g., linking to PCO site)
  8. Facilitating translation of static pages on website
  9. Posting brochures, news items, and publications as requested by other board members
  10. Keeping sleep links active and searching for new sleep material to post


  1. Report on numbers of members at meetings of the executive and AGM of the CSS/SCS. Liaise with our office about updates and the on-line membership renewals.
  2. Membership drives. Coordinate ideas of the board members to increase membership.
  3. Preparing written information about the benefits of membership to go along with the notice about membership renewals. Membership renewal notices are sent out by our office via e-mail.


  1. Responding to media requests that will usually be triaged via the website through our administrative office 
  2. Contact with public upon request
  3. Liaising with authors to maintain/update CSS public education brochures that are posted on the website,
  4. Other Knowledge Translation initiatives.
  5. Updating periodically the ‘Ask The Expert’ list of CSS members who are willing to respond to media requests