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Date: Saturday 29 October 2016 from 08:45 to 15:45 (CME/CEC 6.0 hours)
View the program and register at http://healthsci.queensu.ca/education/cpd/programs/sleep16

Registration fee includes continental breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks. Register before September 29th to receive the discounted early fee.
·         Technologists - Early: $95 Regular: $105
·         Residents & Students - Early: $90  Regular: $100
·         Physicians & Other Health Professionals - Early: $175 Regular: $210

Presented by:  Queen's University and Kingston General Hospital in partnership with the Canadian Sleep Society
Venue: Donald Gordon Centre, 421 Union St., Kingston, ON www.donaldgordoncentre.com/

The goal of this CME is to provide a participant-centered and case-based learning program to review neurological and sleep disorders where unusual behaviours are a key presenting symptom. Objectives:
1. Outline clinical considerations and diagnostic procedures in the diagnosis of parasomnia disorder, sleep-related movement disorders and narcolepsy.
2. Describe how sleep-related paroxysmal events of epileptic origin may be differentiated from those of non-epileptic origin.
3. Using the example of REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) and Parkinson’s Disease, the use of polysomnography as an early marker of neurodegeneration will be discussed.
4. Review case studies with unusual behaviours identified during EEG or polysomnography (PSG).
5.  Discuss the use, and usefulness, of novel off-the-shelf technology for assessing sleep.

 For more information, see the website or download the brochure.

The University of Toronto is a well known leader in respirology continuing education and has assembled an outstanding program for the 11th Annual Day in Respirology. This year’s program will focus on sleep medicine. Highlights include: Circadian Rhythm Disorders, ASV in Central Sleep Apnea and OSA: Future directions in diagnosis and management.

Respirologists, Sleep specialists, ENT surgeons, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Dentists, and allied health professionals from across Southern Ontario will benefit from attending this one day conference. Please visit http://www.cpd.utoronto.ca/respirology for more details and to register.

The Canadian Sleep Society is embarking upon a new awareness and fundraising campaign to make Canadians wake up to importance of healthy sleep. Come walk 5 km with us on August 20th and talk about the importance of sleep and activity for a healthy life style. We are walking in Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, and Niagara. Registration is only $10 and it is free for kids under 12!

Sign up or donate here: http://canadiansleepwalk.ca

Your participation or donation will help us to grow important national programs dedicated to education and public advocacy in sleep research and sleep disorders medicine. If you join us, don't forget to wear PJs or come dressed as your favourite dream character!

     In partnership with Dairy Farmers of Canada and ParticipACTION.


La Société canadienne du sommeil met sur pied une nouvelle campagne/levée de fonds et de promotion pour éveiller les canadiens à l’importance d’un sommeil sain. Venez marcher avec nous (5 km) le 20 août 2016 et discuter de l’importance du sommeil et de l’activité physique pour un style de vie sain. Nous marchons à Halifax, Québec, Montréal et Niagara. L'inscription est de seulement 10$ et c’est gratuit pour les enfants de moins de 12 ans!

Inscrivez-vous ou offrez vos dons à cette adresse : http://canadiansleepwalk.ca

Un onglet français est présent à gauche de la page. Votre participation ou don nous aidera à développer des programmes nationaux destinés à l’éducation et la sensibilisation publique de la recherche sur le sommeil et la médecine des troubles du sommeil. Si vous vous joignez à nous pour la marche, n’oubliez pas de porter vos pyjamas ou venez habillés (ou déguisés) selon votre personnage de rêve favori !

     En partenariat avec Dairy Farmers of Canada et ParticipACTION.

The CSS is pleased to announce the results of the recent election for a board position, member-at-large (media) and welcomes Dr. Reut Gruber to the board.

Dr. Gruber is a Professor on the faculty of medicine at McGill University, and the director of the Attention, Behavior and Sleep Laboratory at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute. She has extensive experience in translating scientific evidence to lay audience and in active communication with media. Her goal in this 3-year position is to increase societal awareness on the impact of sleep and sleep problems on the physical and mental health of Canadians.