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Donnez votre appui à l'avancement de la médecine du sommeil et la recherche au Canada ce 2 novembre 2018!
Joignez-vous à une équipe de marcheurs - dormeurs debout afin de promouvoir un sommeil sain et d’amasser des fonds pour la Société canadienne du sommeil
Pour plus d'informations, visitez notre page Sleepwalk.

 Help support the advancement of Sleep Medicine and Research in Canada on November 2nd, 2018!
Join a team of 'sleepwalkers' in a 5km walk in Quebec city to raise awareness about healthy sleep and raise funds for the Canadian Sleep Society.
For more information, visit our Sleepwalk page.

The 2018 education meeting will be held at the Hôtel Le Concorde Québec on November 2nd & 3rd.

The upcoming education meeting features:

  • Breakfast Symposium featuring Dr. Charles Morin
  • Breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks are also included in the registration price
  • Sessions are available in both French and English
  • Welcome Reception
    •  light food + a free drink are included on the Friday event along with raffles for the Sleepwalk’ participants
  • The 2018 Great Canadian Sleepwalk

For more information about the conference or to register, CLICK HERE.

We look forward to seeing you in November!